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Four Landscapes: History of Events - Seattle - Light art
Maja Petric 2013-02-16 0
Maja Petric

Four Landscapes: History of Events

Four Landscapes: History of Events is an experimental motion graphic consisted of landscape imagery in combination with scenes of life and modulated sound found in those landscapes. The imagery is divided in four groups according to colors that prevail in four depicted landscapes and that dissolve from one into another. As the blissfulness of the natural environment is established, it is juxtaposed with daunting events that appear there. This experience of events is enhanced by use of dynamic LED lights that are mounted behind the floating and translucent screen. The dichotomy of the sensations ranges from comfort to discomfort and as such relates to Maja’s research of the sublime and the multiplicity of the sublime experience in nature and catastrophic events.

Credits: Light, Video and Installation: Maja Petric Sound: Michael McCrea and Maja Petric
Address: , , Seattle, United States Tags: lightart, art, installation, light

Category: Light art

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