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Red of the Dry Falls - Seattle - Light art
Maja Petric 2013-02-16 0
Maja Petric

Red of the Dry Falls

Red of the Dry Falls is a print of a 360-degree panorama view of the Dry Walls installed in the plexiglas box with programmed lights installed behind the image. Dry Falls is a 3.5 mile long scalloped precipice in central Washington. It is the remnant of what was once the largest waterfall known to have existed on earth. In the ice age catastrophic flooding channeled water from Dry Falls at 65 miles per hour through the Upper Grand Coulee and over this 400-foot (120 m) rock face covering parts of today’s parts of Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Today, the site remains to be a great representation of 18th century philosophical ideas of sublime in nature that combines profound horrors with harmony. Red of the Dry Falls intends to reiterate the representation of the sublime in nature by pointing at both horrifying and harmonious aesthetic qualities of the site. This is done by capturing beauty of the landscape and interrupting it through subtly disjointed stitching of the panorama and physically coloring red objects found in the scenery. Behind the image are red lights that are programmed to change intensity and shape over the course of time to create slowly increasing flood of red over the Dry Falls. The rain had stopped, but one could hear the drops falling from leaf to leaf like tiny, independent worlds that had arrived out of the dark heights, and now, after their brief earthly existence, rolled, one after another, from leaf to leaf, from bough to bough, into the ditches, the mud, the Blitva River which, swollen, rustled under the bridge, dark and mucky, like the threat of an oncoming storm. Miroslav Krleža, The Banquet in Blitva, 1939

Credits: Maja Petric
Address: , , Seattle, United States Tags: lightart, art, installation, light

Category: Light art

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